Subject: Re: df1: high density drive under NetBSD 1.1
To: vince <>
From: Michael L. Hitch <>
List: amiga
Date: 02/19/1996 12:54:19
On Feb 19,  2:37am, "Vincenzo Annaloro" wrote:
>     Could someone explain me exactly how to configure
>                              -------
>     my high density floppy (DF1) under NetBSD 1.1. Until now 
>     I can only use the low density floppy in DF0.
>     While booting, I can see the message :
>         fd1 at fd0c: not configured

  I think this message indicates that the second floppy drive was
found in the system, but the kernel was not configured for it.  The
standard kernel config files only include the first floppy.

  You will need to add the following line to your kernel config file:

fd1	at fdc0 unit 1

Then reconfigure and rebuild your kernel [assuming you are using GENERIC]:

config GENERIC
cd ../compile/GENERIC
make depend


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