Subject: Re: Install kernel problems
To: Unix Systems Catherd <>
From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: amiga
Date: 02/18/1996 22:14:54
> filesystem is mounted readonly. I then found and installed BFFS and
> mounted the root partition under AmigaDos and transferred the kernel
> that way. No apparent damage resulted, and that did the trick. Is this
> the best way to get the kernel in the right spot? Or am I missing
> something?

Try gobsd, which should be able to load a kernel right from your / from AmigaOS
without BFFS installed. Doesn't work for me, though. :(

> seemed, well, vague to me. I did get it done. If anyone wants, I could
> go over the Install doc and make a few revisions, while the wounds are
> still scabbing over. ;)

Heh, would be cool, though i'm not the right person to coordinate this. Esp.,
the install-doc itself contains a part which is the same for all architectures,
and an architecture specific part. You should check which one to update so the
maximum number of persons can profit from it. (I think the mt-stuff fits into
the arch-indep. section, whereas the probs with the Retina and BFFS etc. go in
the arch-specific section).


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