Subject: Re: NetBSD 1.1 and Picasso - possible solution
To: amiga" , "fr30 <>
From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: amiga
Date: 02/11/1996 05:11:20
>  Have you tried the fixes that Klaus Burkert send me, which I uploaded on
>  (Filename is picasso_ariadne.tar.gz) Klaus is the
> hardware developer of the Picasso.  His fixes basically are all around the
> hidden DAC register, which causes the problem.  Also, some other fixes have
> been applied.

Markus' files are available from ftp.uni-regensburg (and it's mirrors!) as
/pub/NetBSD-Amiga/ariadne_picasso-src11.readme and



P.S.: Please send your follow-up's to, this list is soon

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