Subject: Pico...
To: Brian McCloskey <>
From: David Gilbert <>
List: amiga
Date: 02/10/1996 16:27:10
>>>>> "Brian" == Brian McCloskey <> writes:

Brian> Hello folks.  I've now got NetBSD up and running ok and seeing
Brian> as how I can not stand the vi editor :) I downloaded the binary
Brian> for pico.  The only binary I found was for the 1.0 distribution
Brian> of NetBSD.  It works fun until I exit, in which case whenever I
Brian> hit enter at the prompt, it doesn't seem to do a full carriage
Brian> return.  It drops to the next line in the same column it was at
Brian> in the line above it.  For example...

Brian> NetBSD prompt> <-- hitting return at this point yeileds...
Brian> NetBSD prompt> <-- and etc....

Brian> when I do a ls the listing does the same thing.  Anybody have
Brian> any ideas?  Or know of anywhere I can get the source for pico
Brian> so that I can compile it myself if that is the problem?  Thanks
Brian> for any help.

	Until you fix it, 'stty sane' will help.  It sounds like raw
mode is not getting completely turned off.  That said, most pico
keystrokes are modeled after emacs ones.  Emacs is trivial to install
these days.


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