Subject: Re: Which '040 is this?
To: Garth Corral <>
From: White Trash <>
List: amiga
Date: 02/01/1996 15:05:52
On Mon, 29 Jan 1996, Garth Corral wrote:

> Greetings,
>     I have recently come into posession of an A3640 accelerator card and 
> would like to run NetBSD on it in my A3000.  Trouble is I'm not sure 
> which chip it has and I'm not current on Motorola nomenclature :-).
>     The cpu has XC68040HRC25M printed on top along with a smaller block 
                    ^^^^^   ^^
Obviously, it's a 68040/25MHz.  A Full '040.  The EC040's (XC or MC68EC040)
had a disabled or nonexistant MMU, and the LC040's (XC of MC68LC040) had 
a disabled or nonexistant FPU (Floating Point Unit... Aka the Math 
Coprocessor).  The rest of the information below refers to where and when 
it was built, the temps. it should run at, etc.

> of text that says: 
>                    02E31F
>                    DEMV9346
>                    USA
>     So, can anybody tell me which chip this is?  Is it crippled?  Can I 
> run NetBSD on it?  Any help will be appreciated.

68040/25MHz.  No.  Yes.  Good luck.

> Thanks,
>  Garth.

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