Subject: Re: Hangs at end of loadbsd/beginning of kernel
To: Ron Roskens <>
From: VaX#n8 <>
List: amiga
Date: 01/31/1996 00:05:40
In message <>, Ron Roskens writes:
>> Now loadbsd is getting screwed somewhere _after_ the "-t" option would
>> normally make it exit, and after the screen clears, but before the kernel
>> prints anything.  So it's either in LoadView, startit, or within the
>> kernel.

>Ahh... Probably the kernel is to large to fit inside the 1M of chipram...
>Try booting with this kernel:

I downloaded the kernel he suggested, and it did not help.

Are there any PD debuggers you guys know to function well, or any other way
I could track down the problem?

If I got the compiler necessary to compile loadbsd under AmigaDOS (is this
gcc, or a commercial compiler), and all the libraries, I could change the
jump into the kernel into an exit call, thus narrowing the problem to either
1) loadbsd or 2) the kernel.
If it's 1 it'd be easy to track down, if it's 2 this would require more work.

Any ideas?  Is there someone with the GVP accelerator that wants to copy
me their kernel as a last ditch effort before I have to compile?