Subject: What does "binary emulation" means?
To: None <>
From: Bruce Albrecht <>
List: amiga
Date: 01/28/1996 10:39:15
Kolbjxrn Barmen <> wrote:
   On Sat, 27 Jan 1996, Hubert Feyrer wrote:
   > On NetBSD.amiga, you can use binaries for the following architectures (as long
   > as they don't access any special hardware or drivers):
   > - NetBSD/amiga, mac68k, atari and sun3. The hp300-port uses a different
   > pagesize
   >   to remain binary compatible with HP-UX, and therefore won't work by default.
   > - Sun3, SunOS 4.x

   So I can run, say, Netscape for "UNIX: Sun OS 4.1.3" on my NetBSD amiga ?

No.  The version of Netscape for "UNIX: Sun OS 4.1.3" is for a Sparc
4 (RISC based CPU), not a Sun3 (Motorola 680x0 based).  If you could
convince Netscape to produce such a binary (assuming they could even
have Sun3 boxes), then we'd be able to run it on NetBSD.