Subject: Re: Hangs at end of loadbsd/beginning of kernel
To: VaX#n8 <>
From: Ron Roskens <>
List: amiga
Date: 01/27/1996 22:04:05
Thus spake VaX#n8:
> Now loadbsd is getting screwed somewhere _after_ the "-t" option would
> normally make it exit, and after the screen clears, but before the kernel
> prints anything.  So it's either in LoadView, startit, or within the
> kernel.

Ahh... Probably the kernel is to large to fit inside the 1M of chipram...
I had this problem too with my 3000 and had to get a smaller kernel to boot
my machine.

Try booting with this kernel:

> We are at our wit's end.  Our debugger is not letting us trace properly, and
> I can't tell what is going on.