Subject: Re: What does "binary emulation" means?
To: Baldassare Profeta <>
From: David <>
List: amiga
Date: 01/27/1996 21:03:05
On Sat, 27 Jan 1996, Baldassare Profeta wrote:

> In the 1.1 Installation instructions there is written:
> "NeTBSD 1.1 has significantly enhanced the binary emulation subsystem
> (which includes iBCS2, Linux, OSF/1, SunOS, SVR4, Solaris and Ultrix
> compatibility)"
> What does it means?
> Am I able to run the binary version of a program compiled for those
> platforms? Umh, I don't think my interpretation is right...

	I depends on your architecture...
	On an amiga you should be able to run SunOS/sun3 binaries,
	on a sparc you could run SunOS/sun4 and Solaris/sun4 binaries,
	on an alpha it would be OSF_1/alpha and Ultrix/alpha (maybe)
	(Why the hell did OSF/1 use a / it its arch... bloody pain
	for shell scripts trying to switch to different files on
	uname - anyway I digress...)

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