Subject: Re: I lost everything. :(
To: None <, amiga@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: amiga
Date: 01/23/1996 13:59:20
On Jan 22, 11:52pm, wrote:
> Subject: I lost everything. :(
> I recently tried to copy a file from my ADOS drive to my usr drive under
> the AmigaOS.  I've done this countless times before execpt that this time
> I had the 1.1 kernel installed and this time I lost everyting.
> My usr drive now lists that I have no files but is 93% full.  Does anyone
> have an answer for this.
> I did a
> fsck /dev/sd2d
> but that returned bad superblock blah blah blah.
> So I read the manual and it said that a -b 32 will use an alternate boot
> So I did that and it went through all my files, over 150 megs. I know have
> a lost+found directory and an mdec directory.  I lost my c programs, my X11R5
> my X11R6 my gcc...  Is there a way to get everything back? Please help me.

I guess you say that you used bffs to junk your partition... i'm afraid i can't
give you a real advice, just the right way for revocery:

the usual way is to do a 'newfs -N' to not format the drive ubt only get the
locations of the superblock, of which you feed one to 'fsck -b' then. Using 32
blindly seems a bit like guessing to me...

After i did that, i got a lost+found too, which contained most of the stuff
i've lost, but i didn't get one thine: /usr/. (or /usr/..) directory entry,
can't remember exacylt. Due to that, i decided to backup what i had, do a full
newfs and then restore the tape backup.


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