Subject: Re: NetBSD1.1 & PicassoII
To: Markus Illenseer <>
From: Jack Whitehead <>
List: amiga
Date: 01/22/1996 20:13:01
Hello All,

I'm having this same problem as well. Here's my configuration if it helps any:

A2000 4.4 motherboard,
PicassoII 2MB (don't know revision but purchased fall95)
GVP SeriesII SCSI + 4MB 16bit Ram
  Fujitsu 530MB drive
  Fujitsu 1GB   drive
  Toshiba 4x CDRom
RCS Fusion40 with 16MB 32 bit Ram
1MB Chip Ram
DF0: 880KB Chinon
DF2: 1760KB Chinon (Air Floppy)
ZyXEL 1496E Modem
Canon BJC-4000 printer
NEC MultiSync 3D monitor (works fine at 15kHz and up)

Jack Whitehead


>George Harvey wrote:
>[Answer also directed to port-amiga]
>> What I would really like to do is find out what the problem is with
>> Picasso cards, some people have no problems with them but others get a
>> blank screen.
> Me, too!  As we encountered similar problems during the development of the
>cirrus-drivers, all I can guess is that somehting magic is going on here.
>> Either there is more than one version of the Picasso out
>> there or there is some subtle interaction with other components of the
>> system which stops the card working in some instances. From my own
>> experiments, I am fairly confident that the card is being recognised and
>> the scan modes are being set but something is stopping the text/images
>> from being seen.
> There has been only one major redesign of the Picasso II series.  This was
>when the 1 and 2 MB Version differed in not having empty sockets for
>additional RAM.  Since September 1993 the design shuld not have been
>changed that much, only very few details, most probably not causing the
>problems (other relais for instance), have been made.
>> Board:  Picasso II
>> RAM:  2MB
>> Version: 1.4  (etched onto edge of board near Zorro connector)
>> Cirrus chip: CL-GD5426-80QC-A
>> Jumpers: JP301 - open
>>          JP401 - lower 2 pins jumpered (nearest Zorro bus)
>>          JP402 - open
> I have exactly the same board with same specifications in my A3000.
>Something we should compare as well:
>#> Version sys:Devs/Monitors/picasso file full
>PicassoII-Monitor 2.51 (10.06.94)
>Developed by Thomas Sontowski & Frank Mariak
>#> Version libs:vilintuisup.library
>vilintuisup.library 2.9
> For me it does _not_ matter whether I boot the Amiga full blown and fully
>initialized into AmigaDOS and then booting NetBSD or just starting NetBSD
>(from bootblock). Does it for you?
>Markus Illenseer

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