Subject: Re: Amiga UNIX
To: (Jerry Heyman, SysAdmin - Applied Research Labs, UT) <>
From: Scott J. Kramer <>
List: amiga
Date: 01/16/1996 21:48:29
On Jan 16, 16:50, (Jerry Heyman, SysAdmin - Applied Research Labs, U wrote:
> Subject: Re: Amiga UNIX
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> >Why do some people seem to prefer "screen" instead of virtual consoles ?
> Screen was originally written back in the days of REAL tty's and VT100's as
> the only interface to Unix.  This obviously gives you multiple sessions/shells
> per log in.  One thing about HFTs, they weren't supported on dumb ASCII
> (vt100-like) terminals - screen gives you that support.

And screen's detach/resume capability makes it extremely convenient to
transport a terminal session between, say, your home and office.  I do
nearly all of my work on our UNIX servers at work in screen windows,
which I can then detach and resume from home (along with Emacs and the
50 buffers I've created :-).  When I went to Brussels last year, I
resumed my screen sessions there that I'd started in San Jose.  And
it's great if you're working over modem lines and lose the connection.
You can get back to where you were, to the point of being able to
finish typing the line you were in the middle of when cut off.  Etc,
ad nauseum.

This was one feature I sorely missed in UNIX after using MIT-ITS and
TOPS-20 systems that had the ability to "suspend" your top-level
"shell" and later re-attach it.  Does anyone know of a version of
UNIX that allows you to suspend/resume your login shell?

Now, how can I grab that X11 app running on my workstation at the
office...? :-)


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