Subject: Re: Where is ixemul.library?
To: Patrick Phalen <>
From: Hume Smith <>
List: amiga
Date: 01/15/1996 13:16:39
> Hi,
> Version 39 or later of "ixemul.library" needs to be in the LIBS: directory
> to run "loadbsd." I cannot locate this file in any of the release
> directories, nor do text searches turn up any reference to it in any FAQs
> or mailing list archives posted since the release of v1.1.

oh, yes, ixemul.library.  i cursed that up and down royally, trying
to install NetBSD, since the NetBSD install instructions had made
no mention of it.

i found one on aminet that must be good enough... i forget where.

heck. i'll just mail it to you.  i assume you have a uudecode in amigados...

Hume Smith   <>