Subject: Re: Still Can't Login Correctly
To: Ola Eric Olsson <oeolsson@CERF.NET>
From: Alexander Elkins <>
List: amiga
Date: 01/15/1996 15:38:46
Ola Eric Olsson wrote:

>I hope someone can set me straight on this. By the way, can someone tell me or
>point me to definitions for all the arguments to loadbsd. I know '-b', '-a',
>and 'S', but know nothing about the other options.

Try running 'loadbsd -h' under AmigaDOS to get the following help message:

usage: loadbsd [-abhkptADSV] [-c machine] [-m mem] [-n mode] [-I sync-inhibit] kernel

        loadbsd - loads NetBSD from amiga dos.
        loadbsd [-abhkptDSV] [-c machine] [-m mem] [-n flags] kernel
        -a  Boot up to multiuser mode.
        -A  Use AGA display mode, if available.
        -b  Ask for which root device.
            Its possible to have multiple roots and choose between them.
        -c  Set machine type. [e.g 3000]
        -D  Enter debugger
        -h  This help message.
        -I  Inhibit sync negotiation. Option value is bit-encoded targets.
        -k  Reserve the first 4M of fast mem [Some one else
            is going to have to answer what that it is used for].
        -m  Tweak amount of available memory, for finding minimum amount
            of memory required to run. Sets fastmem size to specified
            size in Kbytes.
        -n  Enable multiple non-contiguous memory: value = 0 (disabled),
            1 (two segments), 2 (all avail segments), 3 (same as 2?).
        -p  Use highest priority fastmem segement instead of the largest
            segment. The higher priority segment is usually faster
            (i.e. 32 bit memory), but some people have smaller amounts
            of 32 bit memory.
        -S  Include kernel symbol table.
        -t  This is a *test* option.  It prints out the memory
            list information being passed to the kernel and also
            exits without actually starting NetBSD.
        -V  Version of loadbsd program.
        This version supports Kernel version 720 +

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