Subject: Re: BSD on 3000(no roms)
To: Blitter <>
From: Jack Bucchannan <>
List: amiga
Date: 01/09/1996 23:43:07
On Tue, 9 Jan 1996, Blitter wrote:

>  I'm going to be installing BSD on a softkicked A3000 (the one with no 
> roms, just a rom file). If there is any additional info concerning the 
> softkicked 3000's and NetBSD, probs and solutions. I would like to know 
> if there are going to be any additional stepping stones during the 
> install process.
>  I ran into some trouble with Linux, when I had the Rom image loaded it 
> would unvalidate the first 4 megs of fast ram and I had to boot without 
> the rom image(which I do normally now) or let the bootstrap program know 
> not to use the first 4 megs of fastram. It took me a month to isolate 
> that problem to finally get Linux booted ;).
> TIA.
> btw I couldnt find any mention of this in the Faq, I'm hoping that is not 
> a problem :)
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I have NetBSD 1.1 (AMIGA) installed on my softkicked 3000, and it works
perfectly straight out of the does X ....hope this helps.