Subject: Re: Tape problems, please help.
To: None <>
From: Jonas Petersson <>
List: amiga
Date: 01/08/1996 11:40:28
David Gilbert <> writes:
> >>>>> "Arthur" == Arthur Hoffmann <> writes:
> Arthur> I can not put more than one file onto the tape, because the
> Arthur> tape never returns from the "mt -f /dev/nrst0 fsf 1" command,
> Arthur> instead it just forwards to the end of the first file and then
> Arthur> sits there with the light on.
> Arthur> Is there anything I can do to get the tape to work the way it
> Arthur> ought to? Please let me know how to fix this problem.
>      Many tapes don't take well to append operations, of which
> there are two types: extending a file on tape, and writing another
> file on one tape.  This is especially true of cartridge tapes and 8mm
> tapes in my experience.  Open reel drives and DAT drives seem to
> implement a wider range of options.

To clarify things a bit (I hope):

According to mt(7), as well as my experience on HP-UX systems, tapes
are written in one of two "styles" - either Berkeley or AT&T. The 
difference is whether the tape is repositioned or not after using a
norewind device - this affects handling of setmarks on DDS format
devices. I would assume that NetBSD is Berkerley style, but hopefully
there is a minor bit to fiddle to make it AT&T compatible - this is the
way it's done in HP-UX anyway.

Hope this helps - note that I'm not a frequent user of NetBSD, I have
1.0 installed on my A3000 and wish I had more time to spend with it...

		Best regards / Jonas 

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