Subject: Tape problems, please help.
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: amiga
Date: 01/06/1996 11:53:21
>>>>> "Arthur" == Arthur Hoffmann <> writes:

Arthur> Hi, I have just recently bought a tape backup unit for my
Arthur> A3000 running NetBSD1.1 It is a WangTek 5525ES SCSI-1 drive.

Arthur> The drive seems to work fine using tar. ie. I can write to the
Arthur> tape and restore the file again from it.

Arthur> I can not put more than one file onto the tape, because the
Arthur> tape never returns from the "mt -f /dev/nrst0 fsf 1" command,
Arthur> instead it just forwards to the end of the first file and then
Arthur> sits there with the light on.

Arthur> Is there anything I can do to get the tape to work the way it
Arthur> ought to? Please let me know how to fix this problem.

	Many tapes don't take well to append operations, of which
there are two types: extending a file on tape, and writing another
file on one tape.  This is especially true of cartridge tapes and 8mm
tapes in my experience.  Open reel drives and DAT drives seem to
implement a wider range of options.


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