Subject: X11R6 compile troubles
To: <>
From: Karl Stenerud <>
List: amiga
Date: 12/18/1995 21:17:24
I have 2 problems left compiling X11R6 with fix-13:

1.  In the fonts dir, it keeps trying to link in libdbm, but
I don't have libdbm.  I tried turning it off in the but it didn't do anything.

2.  In the programs dir there are some parts that need 
libcrypt.  I can't find the place where I should add -lcrypt
so that it will link properly (so many options relative to 
another file, which is relative to another file etc...).
I tried turning it off from the, but once again, 
no change.

I'm running NetBSD 1.1 on an Amiga 3000.