Subject: Re: Ethernet cards and drivers
To: Garth Corral <>
From: Kortelainen Mika <>
List: amiga
Date: 12/18/1995 00:44:30
> 	Of the cards supported by 1.1:
> 	a.)  Which drivers are the most mature/stable?
I have done QuickNet driver and it is quite stable, at least it hasn't
crashed or hung up any more. No multicast support, but it's not that
big drawback (and multicast may appear some day if I have time to
complete the driver).

> 	b.)  Which driver/card combo offers the best performance?
> 	     (for NFS, ftp, rdump, remote X etc.)
I get about 800 kilobytes using QuickNet and A3000 with Warp Engine
(68040/40). That's for FTP between my Amiga and a server downstairs
(only a hub between them). NFS is slower but it seems to be quite
common... I haven't done any measurements with X so I cannot comment
on that (is there some programs for benchmarking X's speed in respect
to network performance?).

> 	d.) Which cards are most readily available?
Not sure, but you could ask Daniel Koch (,
he works (or at least worked) for RMF, the card manufacturer. There
are two different versions of the card, one for coaxial and the other
for twisted pair networks. Twisted pair card cost US$279 + postage when
I bought mine (about a year ago) but it might have changed.
It's a Zorro II card, the package (and docs) mentions a ZIII version
but I think they haven't made it ever (probably C='s problems made
them wait and see).

	Mika Kortelainen