Subject: Re: X11R6
To: Ola Eric Olsson <oeolsson@CERF.NET>
From: Michael Teske <>
List: amiga
Date: 12/15/1995 12:09:26
On Thu, 14 Dec 1995, Ola Eric Olsson wrote:

> I'm still trying to get X11R6 running with my Spectrum & CyberGraphX.
> My results are:
> 	mondef not OK
> 	giving up
> 	Connection refused (errno 61): unable to connect to X server
As almost everyone who has problems you forgot to define your Monitor 
Modes with grfconfig with an appropriate modes file (it's time to write a 
FAQ!). As you have CybergraphX you could try to use readcvmonitor to 
transfer your (non-interlace)- CyberGraphX modes to NetBSD, it'S un 
uni-regensburg in NetBSD-AMiga/tools.

Michael Teske (