Subject: Re: Getting Tape to Stream
To: None <>
From: Ed Savage <>
List: amiga
Date: 12/13/1995 16:39:24
> Guenther Grau ( wrote:
> : 
> : Hmm, if I do remember right, then Markus Wild, (, owns such
> : an Archive Viper and he had it running under NetBSD at least a year or
> : two ago. So it should be doable.
> I have an ARchive Viper 150 connected to my A3000's ScSI bus (yes,
> 04proto chip) and it works fine. It streams like hell when using
> NetBSD-1.1 
> 	Ignatios

Were the tapes created and read on NetBSD?

I have problems getting tapes to read (A3000, Archive Viper 150) as
expected when they are created on other UN*X machines.  They read fine
under AmigaOS and BTN though.  On NetBSD, I have to keep using "mt -f
/dev/nrst0 fsf" to skip what NetBSD sees as "bad" parts just to get to
the tar image to extract.  In addition, I have to use the mt trick to
skip extra data between images.  All works fine on the AmigaOS/BTN side
with the same tape. 

What major/minor char/block devices are you using?


Edward G. Savage