Subject: Re: Shell What Shell ?
To: Al Urbaitis <>
From: John Vrolijk <>
List: amiga
Date: 12/13/1995 16:28:52
Hello Al,

>>  I am having abit of trouble with the
>>  installation of NetBSD1.1
>>  Things seem to go all right installing
>>  the miniroot.
>>  But go to xxx soon after.
>>  I used the command
>>  loadbsd -I4 -n2 -p netbsd

You should use 

loadbsd -I4 -n2 -p -b -netbsd
This specifies 'askboot'. When the kernel is loaded, he will prompt
you for the rootdevice which you should specify as sdn* with the n being
the SCSI id of the disk that contains the miniroot, for example sd2*.


Good luck,


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