Subject: re:NextStep
To: None <>
From: kevin (k.) currie <>
List: amiga
Date: 12/12/1995 14:44:00
In message "NextStep", writes:

> I down loaded the NextStep window manager from the bowman archive and it looks
> really cool.  (Now I know where windows 95 go there ideas from)  When I compare
> the screen to the available screen shot I don't get that specled look.  Does
> anybody know how to get that look?  And if you close any window with the X button
> it shuts down the whole application.  I think that is a bug but it could be my
> configuration, does anybody else experiance that?  IE Run xcoral and open the
> browser window and then close it with the X button.  It will shut the whole app.

	Did I hear your right? Is this a nextstep type wm for NetBSD-Amiga?
Where is this bowman archive?

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