Subject: Re: A3000 system clock
To: NetBSD <amiga@NetBSD.ORG>
From: None <>
List: amiga
Date: 12/11/1995 18:36:58
> Again, all I want is the OPTION to have localtime RTC. If you want to do
> it your way, fine. The solution is simple, tiny, and completely
> optional. It doesn't even require changing a kernel option and
> recompiling. Most of the smarts lives in userspace. So why not?

I'd like an extra kernel option, let's say RTCGMTOFFSET which could
be set for:

EastCoast:  RTCGMTOFFSET = -300 (or something like that)

It could also be optional (for old config files) by adding
to the sources which deal with the RTC.

> This is a MI-problem anyway. There are other machines besides the Amiga
> where the RTC conventionally holds localtime. There are even machines
> where the RTC *CAN'T* really reliably hold GMT (if the RTC automatically
> does DST adjust and can't have this feature disabled).

This is just the case for me: I have a radio clock receiver (DCF77) which
gets the current time (including DST) each time I reboot to AmigaOS.

This reminds me, that I'd also need a RTCDST = 60 option for the kernel. :-)

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