Subject: X for Beginners
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From: Bruce Albrecht <>
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Date: 12/10/1995 20:48:30
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   From: Ola Eric Olsson <oeolsson@CERF.NET>


      I'm a beginner at NetBSD on the Amiga. I would like
   information about X installation on my system. I currently have
   NetBSD v1.1 installed on an A2000 w/GVP combo '030, w/16 Megs
   RAM, 2 Megs chip, and Spectrum running CyberGraphX 2.14. I've
   tried accessing '' but the connection is
   painfully slow with delays of 1 to 5 minutes between commands
   (I'm in California, USA).
      I've been getting all the current NetBSD files from
   '', however, I see no listing for X11 for the
   Amiga. Can someone give me the current status of X on the Amiga,
   where to get it, and tell me if there is a comprehensive
   installation FAQ for beginners like me. The 'GateWay' CD-ROM had
   a FAQ and istallation scripts by Hubert Feyrer, dated Sept. 25,
   1994. Is there anything like this that is current?

I'm not sure about the installation scripts, but you might want to get
your NetBSD-current and NetBSD-Amiga stuff from aka  The X11 files should be in