Subject: Re: A3000 system clock
To: None <amiga@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Ty Sarna <>
List: amiga
Date: 12/09/1995 19:38:12
In article <v02120d00aceeb4c0f9c4@[]>,
Christian E. Hopps <> wrote:
> My main goal is not the co-existence of the 2 OS's or the proper
> functioning of a "dead" OS.  My responsibility as port master is to
> insure that NetBSD/Amiga be as clean and elegant as can be.
> Generally to understand most of my desicions (of this kind) all you need
> to do is ask yourself, "Which would be easier/cleaner/more elegant for
> someone to understand/operate if they used their Amiga to run NetBSD
> exclusively?"

I didn't say I didn't understand your position, I said I don't buy your

Besides, this is demonstrably NOT how things have been done anyway --
the current way RDBs and disklabels are handles is clearly not optimal
for NetBSD-only operation. However, it is a good compromise for
mixed-use systems and coexistance with existing standards.

Besides, the changes to support localtime RTC on NetBSD would be purely
optional, would not be the default, and would add change two or four
lines in the Amiga port. People who want to run GMT rtc wouldn't notice
any difference.

If I were running a NetBSD-only Amiga system, I'd run it GMT too. But
many people use both operating systems, and for them localtime RTC may
be the best option. I simply don't buy the argument that it is not
acceptible to provoide those people the option of fdoing so, without
affecting those who don't.