Subject: Re: Getting Tape to Stream
To: None <>
From: Rob Leland <>
List: amiga
Date: 12/09/1995 15:12:49
> > Hmm, if I do remember right, then Markus Wild, (, owns such
> > an Archive Viper and he had it running under NetBSD at least a year or
> > two ago. So it should be doable.
> Wrong, I have a Wangtek streamer.

I have a Archive Viper 2525, so I don't know how close it is to your system.
Under NetBSD build 644, 720, upto about April 1994 the tapes worked great
the we went to the new SCSI drivers and it became unreliable. 

I have found for some strange reason that I must use my tape system as
a block device inorder to get my system to work correctly. I would suggest
playing around with the minor/major device numbers to see if there is one
that works for you(backup and restore).

For me major=5, major=0 work for 150MB and 250MB tapes (block mode)
and    major=20, minor=8 work for 525MB tapes          (character mode)

If my SCSI harddrives didn't work so reliably I would complain, but I have
never had any problems with them!

This is not real solution but atleast it might help O:} !

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