Subject: Re: A3000 system clock
To: Ty Sarna <>
From: Christian E. Hopps <>
List: amiga
Date: 12/08/1995 22:54:33
At 3:17 PM 12/8/95, Ty Sarna wrote:
>disagree with the reasoning, and I still think that the way NetBSD/Amiga
>operates right now is argubaly a bug (it doesn't program the hardware
>correctly, since the Amiga standard is that the hardware contains the
>local time).

- AmigaDos support for timezomes was late comming and, to remain
  compatible, flawed.  Thus the "standard" wasn't really a standard
  but the way it needed to be to be backward compatible.

- Unix (BSD) has long supported correct handling of time.  You don't need
  to change anything to have DST and other kooky things to work.  It expects
  the hardware clock to be in GMT so that all that strange time crap is
  handled in userland.

- I get to choose between one or the other.  Either way someone needs to write
  a complex program to *properly* handle setting the time up.  I choose to
  leave that to AmigaDos whose time is already messed up.

My main goal is not the co-existence of the 2 OS's or the proper
functioning of a "dead" OS.  My responsibility as port master is to
insure that NetBSD/Amiga be as clean and elegant as can be.

Generally to understand most of my desicions (of this kind) all you need
to do is ask yourself, "Which would be easier/cleaner/more elegant for
someone to understand/operate if they used their Amiga to run NetBSD

This has nothing to do with bugs IMO.