Subject: Re: A3000 system clock
To: Jake Hamby <>
From: Rob Healey <>
List: amiga
Date: 12/08/1995 17:31:42
> > When I run AmigaDOS, my system clock is set to the local time, and my
> > timezone is set to 6 hours from GMT in preferences/locale.  What do I
> > need to do to get NetBSD to show the correct time and timezone
> > (CST6CDT) without having to reset the system clock?  I don't mind
> > rebuilding the kernel (or more), I've already done that several times.
> Yes, what IS the correct solution to this problem?  Under FreeBSD if you 
> touch a file called /etc/wall_cmos_clock, then the startup script runs a 
> program called adjkerntz, which ADJusts the KERNel TimeZone.  On my 
> NetBSD system, there didn't seem to be anything like that, and I didn't 
> want to keep resetting the clock, so I took the cheating way out and 
> changed the NetBSD timezone to GMT!
	Amiga UNIX SVR4, the C= thing, allowed the hardware clock to
	be local. On boot it ran a program that looked at localtime
	and set the UNIX clock to GMT. When setting the date it
	properly moved the setting forward/backward from GMT before
	scribbling on the hardware.

	It also allowed a setting where the hardware was GMT.

	So, it's doable. For me, I just live with an ADOS at GMT
	since the Amiga is only truly loved in Europe anyways... B^).