Subject: Re: Installing 1.1 via PPP(?)
To: Jose Alburquerque <>
From: Michael L. Hitch <>
List: amiga
Date: 12/06/1995 15:43:31
On Dec  5, 11:17pm, Jose Alburquerque wrote:
> The instructions hint on installing 1.1 through ftp using a PPP 
> connection, would anyone have any clue as to how this is done when 
> istalling from scratch?

  Well, I managed to do it, just to see if it could be done.

> my root and /usr partitions.  I just have no idea as to how to start up a 
> PPP connection at this point.  Would anyone have this information?

  I had to make a few additions to the miniroot filesystem before I could
get everything going.  There are some directories and files which need to
be added to get tip and pppd to run.  I had to create the lock directory
for tip, and it seems like there was another directory required before I
got tip to work.  I also don't think /etc/remote existed, or maybe it did,
but there wasn't an entry for my MultiFaceCard III serial port.  Then I
ran into another problem getting tip to run, which turned out to not
having a HOME environment variable defined (which caused tip to get a
segment violation).

  Once I got a serial connection going (actually, at that point, I was using
kermit - which was available on another disk partition that I could mount),
I then had some fun getting the PPP link going.  The pppd program needed
an options file which wasn't present on the miniroot.  Also, my ppp
connection needed an authorization file created.

> For future reference:  I have a PPP account, with dynamically assigned IP 
> address.  Would I be able to bring up a PPP connection once my system is 
> installed?  Thanks in advance.

  Yes, you should be able to - depending on how much you know about getting
PPP going on a Unix system (or how much help you can get from other people
who do know).


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