Subject: Re: A Few Final Questions
To: None <amiga@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Charlie Moody <>
List: amiga
Date: 12/06/1995 10:48:14
> On Mon, 4 Dec 1995, Charlie Moody wrote:
> > I find the 'NetBSD beginner's Guide to TCP/IP'? 
> > 
> There's a good FAQ.  If I'm not mistaken it's called "Beginner's Guide to 
> Networking for NetBSD Amiga" or something like that.  You can probably 
> get it from any site that has Amiga specific s[Dtuff.  Look in "doc" 
> subdirectory somewhere in the tree.

A logical effort, yet I've not found it @ netnet, or (I think) @netbsd (I 
believe that's the same faq I was asking about)

> A sure site is

I try to avoid transatlantic ftp, but I may reduced to it.

> > Is NetBSD 1.1 *known* to work w/ GVP's GForce 40mHz '030/'882 boards?  
> > Are there any known pitfalls in installing/running NetBSD on a 2000 w/ 
> > such a board?
> > 
> I'm sure it should, since I've gotten as far as installing it (I've just 
> upgraded), and I have a GForce 25mHz '030/'882.

I've just been iformed by my dealer that my GForce is aging (2 years 
old), and that is the reason I've been getting frequent random freeze-ups 
...have you had any such occurrences?

> > What are good sites for unix/x sources (which can then be compiled), 

I did try, and they do have sources, but I have no idea what's 
good, or what's bad, and the faq is *way* over my head.


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