Subject: Re: X for Beginners
To: Ola Eric Olsson <oeolsson@CERF.NET>
From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: amiga
Date: 12/06/1995 04:16:54
> tried accessing '' but the connection is
> painfully slow with delays of 1 to 5 minutes between commands
> (I'm in California, USA).

Heh, why not use any of the mirrors? Check out the
/pub/NetBSD-Amiga/MIRRORS-file, then use right in you
neighbourhood)(sp?). :-)

> Amiga. Can someone give me the current status of X on the Amiga,

Up & running ;-)

> where to get it, and tell me if there is a comprehensive
> installation FAQ for beginners like me. The 'GateWay' CD-ROM had
> a FAQ and istallation scripts by Hubert Feyrer, dated Sept. 25

Hu??? I can't remember that i'd ever did much about X-installations, not to
mention some scripts or even a FAQ. There's a X-FAQ, but that's as out of date
as most of the other docs on NetBSD/amiga. :(

> 1994. Is there anything like this that is current?

There *is* no current documentation (well, besides the source :-). Figure it
out yourself, then contribute to NetBSD by writing some up-to-date docs. >:)

For binaries, check out


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