Subject: Re: A Few Final Questions
To: Charlie Moody <>
From: Garth Corral <>
List: amiga
Date: 12/05/1995 16:41:57
On Tue, 5 Dec 1995, Charlie Moody wrote:

> Now, can anyone tell me if dip will permit me to make emulated-SLIP 
> connections?
I don't have the sources handy but if memory serves me (it's been a 
while), dip allows you to use a "dip script" that takes certain actions 
based on the state of a placed call.  By default dip attempts to setup a 
"standard" slip connection by setting the line discipline (SLIPDISC?) and 
invoking ifconfig and route.  I believe that this behavior can be 
overridden with a script of your own so you should be able to use it for  
emulated-SLIP.  I have no direct experience with SLIrP or TIA so I can't 
say that it will work for sure.

On a related note, I got dip (1.2 I think) running a while back on a 
0.9/i386 system and noticed at that time that configuring the interface 
and establishing a route were done by 'exec'ing ifconfig and route.  This 
sort of defeated the purpose of using dip for me because I wanted users 
other than root to be able to establish connections.  I seem to recall 
that there was a gob of code for accomplishing this with ioctl() 
calls but it was all #ifdef'd out.  I didn't have time to mess with this 
at the time.  Have there been any changes WRT this part of the code since 

> -- 
>   Charlie Moody

Garth Corral