Subject: ld internal error HELP
To: None <>
From: Bruce Albrecht <>
List: amiga
Date: 12/02/1995 13:56:52
   From: (Olivier Lahaye)


     I'm trying to compile xemacs-19.13 for NetBSD-1.1ALPHA1.
   but the "ld" seems to have internal problems.
   I tryed gcc-2.4.5 and gcc-2.7.0
   both gives the same result when executing ld. :-(

I was able to build it on my A3000 running the final NetBSD-1.1 (well,
actually, about 1 week before final) using gcc-2.4.5 (the standard
NetBSD gcc compiler) without any problems.  I haven't moved it up to
the NetBSD-Amiga repository yet because I need to figure out what I
need to include in the partial tarball (i.e., excluding the files
contained in the xemacs-common tarfile available from the xemacs ftp
sites).  I will try to get it ftp'd by tomorrow.