Subject: Re: Mini-root filesystems...
To: Rasmus Wiman <>
From: Michael L. Hitch <>
List: amiga
Date: 12/02/1995 12:58:44
On Dec  1,  3:54pm, Rasmus Wiman wrote:
> I copied the Upgr-1.1 filesystem to a High density floppy disk with the 
> 1.0 rawwrite utility. and the disk looked OK, but is it OK? Can I use it 
> to upgrade to NetBSD 1.1 or do I have to install it on the swap?

  Hmm - that's a pretty good trick:  the miniroot filesystems in 1.1
are 4MB files (although the filesystem itself is only 2MB - I goofed
slightly on updating the makefile that creates the filesystems).

  Earlier versions of the miniroot filesystems (the first versions of
the alpha stuff) were sized to fit on a HD floppy.  If you have one
of these filesystems, then it could be used to upgrade to 1.1, but
there could possibly be differences between what's on the earlier
miniroot filesystem and the 1.1 release filesystem.  I can't remember
what was being changed at the time, so I don't know how well the
"pre-release" versions of the miniroot would work.