Subject: re:Need Help for NetBSD-1.1 Install !
To: None <amiga@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Bjoern Labitzke <>
List: amiga
Date: 12/01/1995 04:55:18

On Thu, 30 Nov 1995, Michael L. Hitch wrote:

> > > root device> sd0
>                  ^^^
>   If you are actually entering this, you are not following the instructions
> correctly.

Ok, I am not doing this but I get a message that I saw in the first error 
report of this topic, too: read only filesystem. In my case (I am 
starting from scratch) I followed the installation documentation up to 
the point after formatting the root und usr. Now I have to unpack the 
sets after mounting the ados-Device. And there is the problem:

# mkdir /mnt/ados      ; No problem with it
# mount_ados /dev/sd0e /mnt/ados
mount_ados: mount: read-only filesystem

When I entered only mount, I got the list of the three drives mounted. 
And the information behind / said: (local, read only)

What am I doing wrong? Did I miss an important remark in the near past 
about this problem?

If it is necessary a few informations about my system: A4000/40, Quantum 
Fireball with the first two partitions for the Amiga, the next ones for 
NetBSD; Oktagon 2008 (Bad luck it is not supported), no graphics card.

TIA, Bjoern

P.S.: (Sorry, I did not copy the errors from the screen. I just rewrote 
the message from memory. Of course I will copy it, if it is necessary).

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