Subject: Need Help for NetBSD-1.1 Install !
To: None <amiga@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Jens Kappe <>
List: amiga
Date: 11/30/1995 00:19:27
Hi everybody !

It's a long time, since i waited for NetBSD-1.1. Now,
finally, it's out! Yeah ! Thank you all, who made it possible !

Quiete some time ago, after purchasing a Picasso II-Graphics-board,
i decided to install NetBSD. But, because of the better support
for cirrus-based-boards in 1.1 i did not install 1.0.

I downloaded the last two day all needed files and transported them
home and started the Installation.

Ah maybe in advance my hardware:

A2000 with A2630(4MB) and A2632(16MB), 1 MB Chip,
GVP-Series II Controller (0MB), Picasso II 2 MB,
Quantum-Harddisks (Trailblaizer and the old and famous LPS240),
yes that's all i think that might be of interest for solving my problems.

Then i started (i hope that i'm on this mailing list not totally wrong
with me beginners-questions, but maybe there is someone who can help
me get my system running. We could go on with the help via personal mail,
if my problems are of no generell interest !)

Though i don't know what i could change to get a running system i
will tell you as much details of what happend as possible.
Better more infos than too less.

That's what i did and what was answered by the different programms:

xstreamtodev --input= ...
> reading/writing [0%] ... -> ... [19%]
loadbsd -b netbsd

Amiga 500/2000 (m68030CPU/MMU m68882 FPU)

root device> sd0

then appeared the following output:
    sbicgo: HELP! no bounce allocated for 0
    xfer: (543fbu->721ffb4,20)
    alloc ZII target 0 bounce pa 0x5f0000
    Allocatingo bounce at 5f0000
    warning found rdb->ncylinders(1818) != rdb->highcyl(5508)+1
    warning found rdb->secpercyl(87) != rdb->nsectors(87)*rdb->nheads(4)
    warning lp->d_sparespercyl (261) not multiple of lp->d_ntracks(4)
    2 mice configured
    10 views configured
    Enter pathname of shell...

Welcome !
<at this moment i thought, hey maybe it works already at the first time...>

scanning for the root device
sbicgo: HELP! no bounce allocated for 6
xfer: (543534->721f534,20)
allocZII target 6bounce pa 0x5e0000
Allocating 6 bounce at 5e0000
...root device available: sd0
Install on sd0
Initializing/ (root) filesystem and mounting...
Warning: 1 sector(s) in last cylinder unallocated
/dev/rsd0a: ...
super-block backups (for fsck-b #) at:
32,1520, ....
...., .... , ... ,
...., 39008, 40496,
newfs: ioctl (WDINFO): Invalid argument
newfs: /dev/rsd0a: can't rewrite disklabel
ffs: /dev/sd0a on /mnt: device busy
Creating a fstab ...mkdir: /mnt/etc : Read only file system
//install: cannot create /mnt/etc/fstab: directory noexistent

Yes, and than it's over !
The "#" prompt appears, and i could look around. All the installed
commands work, i could restart the "install"-script with no
further success. I've looked at the script, but could not figure
out, what could cause the problem. I know some parts of the
process which could be the cause, but hope that someone out there
could point me in the right direction. I would really love to
get NetBSD running.

Thank you in advance,

i really hope that someone will answer me



PS: It is possible that the above reports include some spelling-mistakes,
    which occured as i wrote from screen what NetBSD printed out.

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