Subject: Re: MH's bootblock setup on stock A3000
To: Rob Healey <amiga@NetBSD.ORG,>
From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: amiga
Date: 11/29/1995 02:16:09
> 	I was just able to boot my stock 3000 using Michael Hitch's
> 	bootblock package from uni-regensburg. I did have one serious
> 	problem tho: HDToolbox would NOT let me mark the root partition
> 	as bootable. I had to boot AMIX and use it's rdb program to
> 	make the partition bootable. HDToolbox did let me set up the
> 	custom boot blocks and let me add BFFSFileSystem as a custom
> 	file system, it shadowed out the bootable checkbox though so I
> 	couldn't set it to be bootable from ADOS. B^(.

I didn't have any of the problems... i can't remember what i did exacly, but i
think i first marked the partition bootable then told it to use the custom
bootloader... maybe that's the trick?

> 	BIIIIGGG kudo's to Michael on this work! Any chance the bootblock.bin

Yep!!! A further step to get rid os AmigaOS ;-)

> 	file can be made to assemble under NetBSD so we can ditch dependance
> 	on ADOS once and for all? We'd also need to write a program like
> 	AMIX's rdb so we could partition and set RDB flags as well.

oh yeah, Xhdtoolbox :-)


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