Subject: Re: Installing NetBSD
To: john duino <>
From: Michael L. Hitch <>
List: amiga
Date: 11/24/1995 18:28:06
On Nov 24,  2:57pm, john duino wrote:
> Amiga 4000/40
> 6MB 32bit RAM (2 chip + 4 fast)
> GVP A4008 SCSI/RAM card
> 8MB 16bit RAM (on A4008 card)
> I have attempted the install procedure both from the boot floppy and the 
> loadbsd -b command.  I get a quick message about memory availability (it 
> spots the 8megs on the A4008), then the screen goes solid gray and 
> hangs.  I have tried the following kernels:

  Try adding the -p option to the loadbsd command.  I was never able
to get the memory on my GVP HardCard to work on NetBSD.  The -p option
will cause loadbsd to use the higest priority memory segment rather than
the largest.  This will restrict you to only the 4MB of 32 bit memory


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