Subject: re: Installing and getting X11 to run
To: Jose Alburquerque <>
From: <>
List: amiga
Date: 11/23/1995 03:41:48
> One last general question:  How do I get my /local partition to be 
> recognized by NetBSD?  It mounts /root and /usr, but I have a 200MB /local 
> partition on my 530MB Fujitsu that I would like it to take advantage of!

although the INSTALL instructions imply (to me) that /local will be
set up to mount like / and /usr are, it apparently isn't, and i haven't
found formal instructions on what to do.

i took a wild stab with newfs and /etc/fstab... i can't remember
exactly what i did, but i know i had a minimum of arguments to newfs
(just device name, i think) and fstab is easy to figure out.

i don't whether it's -correct-, but my /local has worked for nearly
a month now.
Hume Smith  <>

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