Subject: Re: Keyboard/SCSI-Interference
To: Wolfgang von Hansen <>
From: Jukka Marin <>
List: amiga
Date: 11/18/1995 18:23:16
> When there's a lot of SCSI-activity the keyboard behaves strange on input
> into an xterm window. First of all not all pressed keys are recognized
> (which may also be due to higher system load during disk access). Then some
> chars repeat themselves as if the key was not released in time. On even
> higher load the input gets capsed (which can't be reversed using the
> caps-key)..

I have seen this (except the CAPS stuff) without X on console a few times.
Must be something wrong with the keyboard interrupt (is there one? :-)
This happens on my A3000/25 with 8 MB FAST and a month-old -current.
I also have a Hydra Ethernet card and a 2232 serial card on my system.
No gfx cards.