Subject: Re: Size of boot floppies
To: Stephen J. Roznowski <>
From: Rob Leland <>
List: amiga
Date: 11/16/1995 10:41:29
> It appears that the current code to build boot floppies
> assumes that you have a HD drive. Has anyone looked at
> whether it is still possible to build 880K floppies?

Michael Hitch said he had thought of seeing if he could use gzip

Assuming a new installation...
I imagine that instead of copying just instbin to the floppy, we
could copy instbin.gz and gzip statically linked to the floppy. 

up a mfs partition using mount_mfs if it is in the instbin. However,
if I recall, and I may be wrong, that mfs (memory file system) can still
use part of swap so the instbin could be in trouble....

Lets see If I mount the inst-11.fs it takes up           1888 (512 -Blocks)

If I gzip up the linked instbin's with 'gzip -f' then 
rm all the other hardlinks, the         inst-11.fs takes 1088 Blocks.

gzip which I believe is statically linked anyway is
90112 bytes so...      that gives us                     1264 used blocks.

Also if I throw in mount_mfs onto the floppy and forget
about using the swap partition all together I get        1504 Blocks used

So the answer is definately yes, we would just have to rework the install
script, or I suspect make another version of it since at this late date I
would suspect that chris hopps wouldn't want to make changes like this.

My only question is does mount_mfs work reliably when in single user
mode and there is no swap?

> Thanks,
> -SR

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