Subject: Re: How do I make a Dynamic PPP connection?
To: None <Amiga@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Frank Dana <>
List: amiga
Date: 11/14/1995 02:28:43
With Shakespearian flourish, Rasmus Wiman writes:
> Since my host only offers dynamic ppp i've tried to establish such a 
> connection. I did what the Networking-FAQ trells me, but First, kermit 
> doesn't allow me to lock the serial port at more than 38400 bps, second, 
> when I jump out of kermit the modem immediately hangs up although I tell 
> it not to do so. Third, pppd complains about a lack of some ppp.config 
> file or something... Is there a better way to connect? The modem is a USR 
> V.everything with the 33.600 bps flash.

The 38.4k is a limitation of kermit, I believe. Can't be fixed.

Kermit hanging up is Standard Operating Procedure. My solution is to back-
ground Kermit (C-\ Z) and just start pppd, leaving kermit running. Also
lets me restart the connection faster if there's a problem--just kill pppd,
fg, and redial.

Third, dunno. I haven't hit that problem. Could it be that you're not
specifying all of the options, so it needs to get them from a file?

You might want to look into using a 'chat' script instead of kermit, esp.
if you need >38.4K. Don't look at me, I still use kermit. (Lazy.) There's
a chat manpage, tho.

Hope This Helps(tm).


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