Subject: Re: ldconfig miss in sbin.tar.gz
To: Baldassare Profeta <>
From: Jukka Partanen <>
List: amiga
Date: 11/14/1995 08:57:23
Baldassare Profeta writes:
> I had some problems with X11.
> After a short research I found there isn't "ldconfig" in /sbin.
> I took a look at the sbin.tar.gz and at usr.sbin.tar.gz but I didn't =
see it.

	Did you use the 1.1_ALPHA snapshot? I noticed the same thing.
	It seems that other people extract the archives on top of their
	old binaries, so they have the old ldconfig (as well as a
	number of other tools: cc, ld, ar, nm...).

> Is this a my mistake or really miss it?

	I think it was omitted from the archive.

> Now I'm without ldconfig. What have I do?

	Use the ldconfig from an older -current distribution.


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