Subject: Re: ldconfig miss in sbin.tar.gz
To: Baldassare Profeta <>
From: Rob Leland <leland@freetocreate>
List: amiga
Date: 11/14/1995 00:38:12
> Hello,
> I had some problems with X11.
> After a short research I found there isn't "ldconfig" in /sbin.
> I took a look at the sbin.tar.gz and at usr.sbin.tar.gz but I didn't see it.
Some how it didn't get on the alpha snapshot, also didn't make
it either. This is strange since it did compile and was on my primary
partition, I use a clean partition to make a snapshot. The only thing I did
differently was to redirect the output of the output to /dev/null.
I have just built a new snapshot and will release it later this week.

> Is this a my mistake or really miss it?
> Now I'm without ldconfig. What have I do?

I am not sure how much trouble you are in (

Can you use a statically linked version of ftp, tar, etc ...?

I generated a crunched binary for the install floppies/miniroot
I could upload the crunched binary, that is 819K. This binary
is 'ls mv ln cp mount tar chmod chown ftp tip ....' all rolled
into binary run. If I understand right after you get that binary
to your AMIGA ADOS side then :
To get it to NetBSD.
Boot up into NetBSD
mount -tados -r /dev/DISK /mnt
cp -p /mnt/.../instbin /
ln -s /instbin /bin/tar
ln -s /instbin /bin/ftp
ln -s /instbin /bin/ifconfig
ln -s /instbin /bin/pppd
(Could also create hard links)

If this binary contains the command, creating a link to it with the name of
the command will allow you to access it, because the argv[0] is probably
used to get at the correct code.

This compressed binary has about 50 commands statically linked in.

The file will be called instbin-1.1 (NOT COMPRESSED/ and ready to use)
and will be on: 
as a temporary measure.

I will be uploading a new snapshot that built last night,
after I will check more carefully to make sure major components are there. 

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