Subject: puzzling panics part II
To: amiga <amiga@NetBSD.ORG>
From: <>
List: amiga
Date: 11/11/1995 00:15:41
well, it couldn't've been the 100MB swap which
fixed the vm_fault code 402076d (and sometimes 401076d)
panics so nicely yesterday... because they came
back today.

pstat -s  would say i had about 4-5% swap used before
running xinit.  i could usually get X and and xterm up,
but just running pstat in the xterm would cause a panic.
-once- i got a report out that i still had lots of free
swap - i think it was when i was running as root.

i was -not- running as root last night.  i had
X, twm, 2 xterm, wish, vi all running... while cron ran
the 2 am maintenance stuff... no problem.  it stayed up
until 4 am, when i brought it down deliberately.

i'm starting to think the six hours uptime i had
yesterday were just a lucky fluke...

could someone pleeease tell me what that vm_fault code
means?  or point to a URL where i should be able to find
out?  there's no vm_fault in my man pages...

(i can try to bring over a snip from /var/log/messages if
it's needed...  i don't have BFFS yet; is it safe to write
though a mount_ados?)

i even ran cmp over /ados/netbsd/netbsd and /netbsd - they
match.  so they haven't been corrupted since they went in.
they're the a3000-1.0 kernel, binpatched for synch negotiation.
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