Subject: Re: IDE and IDE ATAPI compibilite
To: Calvin <>
From: Jake Hamby <>
List: amiga
Date: 11/09/1995 09:24:57
On Thu, 9 Nov 1995, Calvin wrote:

> On Tue, 7 Nov 1995, Jake Hamby wrote:
> > I suspect that there won't be any Ethernet card for the A1200 due to the 
> > fact that it has no Zorro II slots.  Really, that is one of the biggest 
> > problems with the A1200 (and A500 and A600 and A1000) there is no obvious 
> > way to add things like Ethernet cards, and it is much more complicated t
> There is an obvious way on the A1200: the pcmcia slot.  Is there support 
> for pcmcia from the laptop folks on the x86 end of netbsd?  Well, from 
> what I heard the A1200's pcmcia slot is not to spec, and therefore 
> explains the draught of PCMCIA Ethernet and modems for the 1200.  
> However, Amigo Computers in Long Island, NY developed a A1200 specific 
> ethernet pcmcia card.  It slides right in. 

Oops!  You're right, of course..  Still, if the PCMCIA slot is an old
standard, that's not a good sign.  I just got some no-name PCMCIA Ethernet
card (literally, there's not even a label on the card!) at work that
someone wants me to set up in an old NEC Versa laptop, and it is probably
just impossible, without the appropriate DOS drivers (which I don't have). 

Basically, if anyone wants to write a UNIX device driver for a PCMCIA 
Ethernet card that works in the A1200, then that would be great!  Until 
then, you're out of luck.  I do know there is work on PCMCIA drivers for 
the PC version of NetBSD/FreeBSD/Linux, maybe some of this code would 
help if someone could write the "glue code" to attach things on the Amiga