Subject: maybe it's not the quantum
To: amiga <amiga@NetBSD.ORG>
From: <>
List: amiga
Date: 11/09/1995 00:42:30
With Shakespearian flourish, Jim Shaffer writes:

> I'm using 1.0 on a QL 730S [ata ddress 0] with no trouble at all.

Frank Dana <>:

> Funny, i'm using a QL730 as well--it's in an external case at ID 2,
> with active termination on that end of the bus.

well, something's bunged up with mine.  i just discovered i can leave
this thing sit for awhile and it'll panic, with the same report as
with the tcl/tk configuring.

the repeatability of those configure panics now strikes me as
-extremely- puzzling.  (i can even repeat it now, two hours later.)

my drive seems to be at 6, internal, without termination (there's
a plug hanging around loose at the end of the cable, anyway; and
certainly nothing in the external socket).  all different from you guys.

and maybe it's just my aura...

> I think my uptime right now is 15 days or so.

best uptime i've had is about 15 minutes...

i must not've brought in the manpage about vm_fault - is there one?
what does this mean:
	vm_fault(a4000, 4ba000, 1, 0)
	type 8 code [mmu,,ssw] 402076d
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