Subject: puzzling panics
To: amiga <amiga@NetBSD.ORG>
From: <>
List: amiga
Date: 11/08/1995 21:52:07
here's a nice one...

i tries about six times to run ./configure over tcl7.4p2.
each time it ended in a panic, somtimes when checking for
dirent, sometimes when making the config.status file.

i gave up and installed some more software (X11R6 libs and includes,
in which tcl proper isn't interested).  i went back to tcl,
changed the owner and group of the files to bin from install
(a user and group i created), and ran configure again as bin.

it worked fine.  (i had run it before as install.)  i now have tclsh.
could i have made that much of a mess of creating a user and a group?

PS: now it's doing it again with tk4.0p2.
configure panics either while checking for stdlib.h, or while
writing config.status.  in fact, it alternates - crashes in one,
crashes at the other next time.  usually with this report
(not quite verbatim):

vm_fault(a4000, 4ba000, 1, 0) ->  ...
type 8 code [mmu,,ssw] 402076d

i think it once said 401076d as the last number...

some sort of swapping trouble?  is there a glitch in the file
system that exchanges "masks" between attempts?  (the alternating
behaviour appeared with tcl too.  and the first panic always
happened in writing the config.status file.)  is one partition
leaking in to another - e.g. swap?

(memory: 4M fast, 30M swap.
 i hope to have 12M soon - is that enough swap?)

heeelp !?!

an unrelated rider:  sometimes it boots with one narrow vertical
stripe down the screen.  it doesn't seem to affect operation.
text lines still start at the left edge of the screen.
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