Subject: a dumb question on making partition mountable
To: amiga <amiga@NetBSD.ORG>
From: <>
List: amiga
Date: 11/08/1995 13:26:10
Robert Leland <>:
> In ASCII 0x4e425207 0x4e = "N", 0x42 = "B", 0x52 = "R" =(root), 0x07 = ?


> > while we're on about partitions - is there any particular physical
> > order recommended?

> [...]

> Swap make large enough for memory expansion, also I was told but haven't
> tried it that if the swap was on a different physical harddrive that
> performance would increase quite a bit, 30% ???, or so.

i imagine it would, since a lot of seeking would be eliminated...
that's why i'm thinking i should've had swap closer to the middle
of my stuff (like the directory on the old C= floppy disks :), which
would be between /usr and /local for me.  but it's too late now,
it's built...

> (Come to think of it I have a spare swap partition not being used,
>   ...Excuse me while I check this out :-) !

i have a spare "other" partition not being used, which INSTALL told me
to make for /local but which the installation didn't set up to mount.
since there was something about  disklabel  being a little different
with amigas, i'll ask it here:  what do i have to tell disklabel
and newfs?
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